The best views in Yorkshire

With our Yorkshire office surrounded by the beauty of the Peak District, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to stunning views.

It certainly makes it easier to deliver SEO and online marketing, when you live in such an idyllic location.

It also makes the car trips to see one of our clients in Derbyshire, Manchester, or elsewhere in Yorkshire, a lot more pleasant.

Indeed, it’d be near impossible for us to pick our top 5, but fortunately the nation’s favourite views were revealed by Dalesman magazine last year.

Here’s the top 5:

Muker hay meadows

The Hay Meadows at Muker are arguably the most impressive example of flower rich fields in the UK.

There are 12 different fields to view, each boasting a wide range of beautiful wild flowers. Six of these fields have marked paths for visitors to explore.

Robin Hood’s Bay from Ravenscar

This 11-mile walk gives you a fantastic view of the North Yorkshire landscape, and is certainly worth the effort.

Expect to see cobbled paths, archaeological ruins, sea views and seemingly endless moorland heather.

Whitby Harbour from the 199 Steps

Climb 199 steps in order to see a breathtaking view of Whitby, an attraction that brings in visitors from all over the world.

Ribblehead Viaduct

Runner up in the poll is Ribblehead Viaduct, in North Yorkshire. The vast structure is bound to leave you in awe, and it’s no surprise to see it appear so highly on this poll.

From Sutton Bank/Whitestonecliffe

The view from Sutton Bank in the North Yorkshire Moors tops the best views poll, and it’s clear to see why.

The views over the Vale of Mowbray are simply spectacular, and you have to see them for yourself to take them in.

Invisible Braces

Braces are so often stereotyped as unattractive and embarrassing. They belong in American high school movies where socially awkward teenagers get food stuck in them during a date. But that, like so many stereotypes, is wrong.

Braces are changing. If you have misaligned teeth and don’t want metal braces, invisible braces are a new pioneering technology in the field of orthodontics. They offer a virtually imperceptible teeth-straightening option that allows you to feel confident in your appearance throughout the process.

Made from acrylic, they are completely clear and slot over your teeth. As every patient using invisible braces has them tailor-made, they fit perfectly to your mouth and are therefore invisible to any onlooker. They focus on positive development of the mouth and jaw, encouraging the gradual movement of teeth through small changes, eventually leaving you with a straight and beautiful smile.

Smilelign is one of the top invisible brace planning systems that is used by dentists throughout the UK. Its popularity is because it uses the highest quality materials, meaning the clearest and most invisible appearance, and the latest software. 3D CADCAM technology offers thorough imaging of your teeth and jaw, creating a comprehensive understanding of your mouth’s structure and therefore how best to treat the misalignment.

The process is simple:

  1. A dental examination. If you’re interested in invisible braces, your dentist will examine your teeth and advise you on the best course of action to suit your needs.
  2. Moulds, x-ray and imaging. A trained professional will take an x-ray of your jaw, along with moulds of your teeth. A computer scans these moulds and builds a 3D picture of your mouth. It means that your treatment is entirely tailored to you. The software calculates how many aligners you’ll need and how long your treatment will take.
  3. Printing the aligners. The invisible braces are known as aligners. Once the computer has produced the 3D images, it prints a series of aligners that are each slightly different from the last. When these are slotted onto your teeth, they encourage gradual movements. The slowness of these changes causes minimal pain and the most effective results.
  4. Wearing the braces. The aligners are usually worn for around three weeks each for a minimum of twenty-one hours a day. One of the great things about invisible braces is that they’re removable. You take them out when eating and brushing your teeth, making oral hygiene so much easier than with traditional fixed braces. Your orthodontist will advise you on all the best practises during your treatment to ensure good teeth and gum care.
  5. The final result. The treatment can be really fast for those with small misalignments, but the standard length is six to twelve months. This is something that your dentist will discuss with you. When the treatment is complete, you will be left with straight teeth, restoring your confidence in your appearance. Patients always leave their final examination with a grin on their face!

When Smilelign was first launched, it was expected to be popular among women in their late twenties, but since then, it has helped men and women of all ages feel more confident without a period of metal, fixed braces. Invisible braces don’t effect speech or appearance, making them appropriate no matter what work or tasks you do. No more closed-lip smiles or avoiding photographs, and certainly no more American-high-school clichés!

For more information, visit Churchfield Dental’s website. They offer professional and friendly guidance on invisible braces in Barnsley and South Yorkshire.

Body to Body Massage in London

Body to Body massage can instantly transform your reality and imagination on massage. This incredibly sensual and amazing experience is certainly worth trying out particularly in London, the UK where there is a wide assortment of skilful and attractive masseuses.

During the massage session, the masseuse will usually use essential oils-sensual oil to cover both your body and hers. The body to body massages also includes the renowned Nuru Massage and Soapy Massage which are highly erotic in nature.

Body To Body Massage

London Body to Body Massage

What It Is

Also, referred to as body2body massage, it is a type of therapy that is highly sensual. It is generally a full body type of massage where a therapist uses not just her hands, but the entire body to stimulate the client.

It is specially formulated to arouse even including massage of erogenous zones and even genitals resulting in a physical release.

Aside from physical release, it is also with some several health benefits.

What It Is Not

True body to body massage in London that which is worth investing in, is neither a sleazy experience nor the laughable affair as showcased on popular TV shows and movies such as Sex & The City. Performed correctly, this massage is a highly arousing and erotic art form emanating from practices dating back hundreds of years in the Egyptian and Ancient Rome eras.

The Techniques 

During a typical body to body massage session, the therapist uses her feminine body frame to arouse and inspire diverse sensations. She uses her hands, breasts, stomach, thighs, forearms, calves and even feet with varying pressure and speed to stimulate every area of your body.

The goal of the masseuse is to ensure optimal skin-to-skin contact which at times may even result in her using her hot and steamy breath on your skin to add that erotic aspect of the massage.

The Ideal Spiritual Experience

Body to body form of massage is deeply allied to meditation with its roots tracing back to Tantrism-a form of mediation initially applied in prehistoric India by Hindus. It is commonly believed that by using Tantric meditation, sexual and creative energy can subsequently be harnessed-resulting to bliss and enlightenment.

The aim of this massage is to circulate this essential life energy across the seven key chakras (energy centres) with the participant being encouraged to ensure their body gets their full consciousness and their focus is on the current moment. The main idea is to escalate all physical sensations you experience to a spiritual level, ensuring the experience is holistic covering the body, soul, and mind.

It can inspire intense and prolonged sexual pleasure, especially when regularly practised. Most full body massage elements such as this one are ritualistic. As such, therapists need to pay attention to detail to ensure their client is fully nurtured and where else can you get such if not the body to body massage in London.

The Health Benefits

It upholds wellbeing: Skin to skin contact is known to have immense effects, especially on our overall wellbeing. Touch can inspire an amazing feeling of closeness and touch. It gives us a sense of love and care which naturally inspires happiness.

The best example of the effect of this kind of contact is visible with newborns. Placing a baby next to the skin of their mother stabilises their heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and temperature. Other than making the baby happy and unlikely to cry, it helps the baby signal to the mother when he/she needs feeding. With this, a special bond is established with the desire and need for contact remaining even as the baby becomes of age.

As adults, we also crave for the sense of love and care that comes with skin contact and although there are only a few ways we can receive this attention, Body to body massage is also another we can get to enjoy all benefits that come with skin to skin contact.

It keeps your skin supple and soft: In your body to body massage in London, the therapist will utilise warm oil to ensure her body slides and slip over your skin with minimum friction. This will not only ensure you experience the heightened sensations but your skin also gets fully moisturised. Warm oil not only encourages opening up of your pores but also guarantees penetration into the epidermis giving you deep hydration.

With your skin fully moisturised, you can avert flaky, dry skin and premature sagging and ageing. A body to body massage in London is a 2-in-one spa experience where you receive the typical massage and your skin is moisturised leaving you feeling relaxed and beautiful.

It improves circulation: In a body to body massage, your entire body is stimulated by means of diverse strokes at different pressures. This pushes blood around your body, effectively moving it across any congested regions and supplying fresh, nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to your skin and muscles.

Poor blood circulation can result in water retention, achy muscles, numb or cold extremities, dry skin and varicose with victims feeling exhausted and energy sapped. With the precise kneading and squeezing courtesy of the massage, circulation of the lymph fluid can also be improved resulting in better and effective body functioning.

It minimises stress levels: It is clinically-proven that massages have a hand in reducing stress levels aside from relaxing both the muscles and the mind. It dramatically reduces Cortisol-stress hormone and subsequently triggers oxycontin-love hormone- release, a hormone also released during orgasms. Who would deny the happy and relaxed sensation that comes at such moment?

Helps fight flu and colds: As silly as it may sound, scientific research has unveiled that a single massage has the capacity to boost the human immune system and dramatically so. How? It all boils down to Cortisol-stress hormone yet again! High Cortisol levels have an adverse effect on white blood cells in the blood cells accredited with fighting disease causing germs. After a relaxing post body to body massage session, the levels of white blood and lymphocyte cells can shoot almost instantly; and with this comes a boosted immune system.

It aids in inspiring sleep: It is no rocket science that relaxing promotes sound sleep. Similarly, after a wonderful body to body massage, your anxiety and stress levels significantly decline resulting in emotional relief and of course restful sleep. And we all can do with a little more of it right?

Ultimate Guide to Yeast Infections



Yeast infection is clinically called as candidiasis . It is named after the type of  fungus, namely  Candida which normally resides in the skin in small numbers. Candida could reside anywhere in the body including inside the body. Candida thrive and multiply in large numbers in dark, wet and warm environment and manifest as Yeast infections. Yeast infections usually occur in mouth, male genital areas and female genital areas (vagina). Yeast infections also occur in other places such as esophagus and some areas of skin that are moist and warm. In very rare cases, yeast infections enter the blood stream and causes life threatening situation.

The most common form of yeast infection is one that occurs in vagina namely Vaginitis. Candida albicans is commonly present in mouth, digestive tract, vagina and in skin. The infection of vagina due to Candida albicans is known as vaginal yeast infection. It occurs in the vaginal area of women and results in itchy and burning sensation. Yeast infection is not a serious medical condition but they result in discomfort for the patient. It is estimated that about 20 – 50 % of most women carry yeast in the vaginal area. The severity of the infection varies from individual to individual and range from mild to severe. The symptoms associated with yeast infections differs based on the individual. It is estimated that 75 % of women suffer from yeast infection at least once in their lifetime. About 90 % of the patients who have HIV or AIDS develop yeast infections.

This type of infection is not sexually transmitted, however a minor percentage of men develop rash and itching sensation in the genital area after sexual intercourse with a person affected with vaginal yeast infections. Recurrent yeast infections should be looked upon as an indication of underlying health problem. Repetition of the infection immediately after treatment or if the patient does not respond to treatment it may be an early sign of HIV infection.


Yeast infections can be classified into several types depending on the severity, place of infection, age & gender of the patient. While some types of yeast infections can be easily treated, other kinds are stubborn in nature and recur after treatment and sometimes may be life threatening. These kind of recurrent infections are most common among cancer and HIV patients who have a suppressed immune activity.

Oral Yeast infections

It is clinically termed as Oropharyngeal Candidiasis and otherwise called as thrush. It includes gastrointestinal and intestinal infections caused by Monilia Albicans. Oral yeast infection occurs in the mouth, tongue, roof of the mouth, on lips, and sometimes on the gums. The infection appears as white patch in the mouth, and bleeds when wiped to reveal a painful ulcer – like condition. This is common among babies, young children and in some adults. The general symptoms of oral yeast infections include red cracks in the corners of the mouth, red patches on the tongue, peeling patches on the tongue, creamy white or yellowish coating on the lips and oral area, with a red bleeding ulcer-like tissues. Often children with oral yeast infection complain of pain and burning sensation around the mouth and have difficulty consuming food.

Repeated oral yeast infection among infants indicates a problem of the immune system, while recurrent infections among older kids indicate a underlying diabetic condition.

Skin Yeast infections

Skin yeast infections is common in groin, underarms, under lower abdomen, between fingers and toe nails, under the folds of the buttocks, under the breasts etc where it is moist and warm. Skin yeast infection is more common among obese individuals, diabetic patients, patients consuming steroids or immuno-suppresant medications. Skin yeast infection manifests itself as pustules, rashes, scabs, and as red, inflamed skin that leaks fluid.

Yeast infections in Males

Although this type of infection is rare, men are susceptible to get this infection due to sexual contact with an infected female partner. The symptoms manifests itself as redness in the penis dome, burning sensation during urination, strong smelling urine, irritation and itching in genital areas. Yeast infections among males should be given medical attention and should not be ignored.

Systemic Yeast infections

In case of systemic yeast infections, the infection is not confined to one part of the body, rather it spreads to other regions as well. The systemic infection is similar to oral infection (thrush), but spreads to esophagus, stomach and also enters the blood stream. They also affect the liver and the urinary tract. It is common among individuals with compromised immune system such as HIV/ AIDS patients. The infection manifests itself as fatigue, migraine headaches, muscle pain,  hypoglycemia, giddiness, breathing issues, constipation, rectal itching and diarrhea. Systemic yeast infections leads to other health complications such as fibroblast, arthritis, rosacea, eczema, acid reflux, depression etc.

Vaginal Yeast infections

Vaginal yeast infections are the most common form of yeast infections. They are otherwise called as Vaginitis or Vaginal Candidiasis or Monilial vaginitis. It occurs among women with diabetes, due to hormonal changes , pregnancy , stress, frequent douching etc.

This book will discuss the symptoms and treatment options for yeast infections with emphasis on vaginal yeast infections which is the most common form of yeast infection.


The number of yeast cells in the vaginal skin surface can increase due to multitude reasons. Some of the factors that cause the increase in residing yeast cells include the following:

Antibiotics : Antibiotics are one of the common causes of Yeast infections among women. Consuming antibiotics destroys the harmful bacteria as well as the good bacteria namely Lactobacillus acidophilus . L. acidophilus helps to keep the number of yeast cells residing in the skin surface under control. Destruction of L. acidophilus sets in an imbalance in the bacterial micro flora and hence the number of yeast cells multiply and increase in number resulting in yeast infections.

Clothing : Clothing especially under-wears that are tight and made of non -breathable material trap heat and moisture and make it conducive for the yeast cells to thrive and multiply and result in skin and vaginal yeast infections.

Chemicals : Exposure to certain dyes, chemicals and artificial perfumes upset the normal micro flora of the skin and may be one of the risk factors for yeast infection. Certain types of laundry detergents, vaginal hygiene sprays,body wash, use of talc on vaginal area and sometimes scented toilet papers may also be the causative agents behind a yeast infection.

Oral Contraceptives : Women using oral contraceptives are more prone to yeast infections when compared to those who do not use them. Research has identified greater risk of developing yeast infection due to the consumption of high-dose estrogen birth control pills. High levels of Estrogen was found to increase the overgrowth of candida primarily due to change in the acidity levels. Similarly women who undergo estrogen hormone therapy are also susceptible to yeast  infection.

Hormones: High estrogen levels also increase the risk of procuring yeast infections. Hormonal changes can be induced by multitude of reason such as pregnancy, consuming birth control pills, pre-menstrual hormonal changes, stress, lack of sleep etc. They result in decrease in the count of healthy micro flora of the intestine as well as the female genital areas and increase the susceptibility for yeast infection.

Pregnancy : Pregnancy is  a period of hormonal changes as well as changes in the acid-  base balance (pH) of the body. There is also increase in the levels of the hormone estrogen in the body, which is responsible for the glycogen (storage form of  glucose) levels in the body. Yeast feeds on glucose and multiplies in number resulting in infection.

Thyroid / Endocrine disorders: Most often individuals with thyroids or endocrine malfunction will have disturbed hormonal balance and this plays havoc in the normal micro flora of the body. The body finds it difficult to adjust to the fluctuating hormonal levels and thus there is an increased risk of developing yeast infections under such health conditions.

Uncontrolled Diabetes : Recurrent Yeast infections are common among Diabetic women. The exact reason for increased occurrence among Diabetic women is yet to be determined. However, elevated blood sugar levels also increase the sugar levels in the mucus of vagina and vulva and enable the yeast cells to thrive and multiply under such conditions. Another reason being, individuals with elevated blood sugar level have poor ability to fight off infections caused by bacteria or fungus.

Diet : The food we consume is said to have a major influence in the incidence of yeast infections.  Regular consumption of sugary foods, drinks, all tinned or canned foods that may have hidden sugars sets the ideal environment for yeast infection.

Poor Immunity: Individuals with compromised immune system, and those consuming immuno –suppressive drugs are more prone to yeast infections than other individuals. Women who undergo Corticosteroid therapy have suppressed or slowed down immune response and hence are more vulnerable to yeast infections.

Frequent Douching : Douching is a method of cleaning the vagina with water or other fluids that contain mixture of baking soda, vinegar etc. Many women believe and practice this as part of cleansing regimen during menstruation and for general purposes. Douching causes change in the delicate balance and acidity of the vaginal micro flora. This results in poor control of the number of yeast cells that multiply and thereby increases the risk of yeast infections.

Injury : Yeast infection also occurs when there is an trauma or injury to the vaginal area. This is common in conditions such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy which destroys cancer cells as well as healthy cells in the body and alter the micro flora balance to cause infection.


Vaginal yeast infections are the most common form of yeast infections. Nearly 80 – 90 % of women are affected by vaginal yeast infections at least once in their life time. Some women develop it occasionally while it is recurrent among certain female patients. The report will discuss the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for vaginal yeast infections in detail in the coming subheads.

The signs and symptoms of vaginal yeast infections are non-specific, and the symptoms overlap with other conditions that cause similar signs. The following are the most common symptoms of vaginal yeast infection.


Itching in  the vaginal or vulvar area is the most common sign of a yeast infection. The itching generally occurs in and around the areas of vaginal region and causes embarrassment and discomfort to the affected individual.

Burning sensation

Painful burning sensation is also one of the common symptoms of yeast infection. The sensation can be felt during urination as well as during sexual intercourse. This symptom is non-specific and sometimes women with urinary tract infections also report the same symptom.


Soreness on the outer lips of the vagina is one of the symptoms of  vaginal yeast  infection. Soreness may arise due to the itchy, burning sensation and due to inflammatory reaction of the body in response to the overgrowth of candida albicans.

Painful intercourse

Women with yeast infection also experience painful intercourse accompanied by burning and itching sensation after and sometimes during the intercourse. Some women also complain of lower abdominal pain after the intercourse due to yeast infection.

Pain and swelling

Pain and swelling in the vagina or the external female genital organs is a sure sign of an infection. Infection of the vagina is called as Vaginitis. The pain is usually in or around the vagina or vulva regions, resulting in immense discomfort.

Vaginal Discharge

There is always some vaginal discharge among all healthy women as part of the body’s cleansing mechanism. It appears clear or cloudy and causes no harm. However, some women with yeast infections experience abnormal discharge, although most do not have any discharge. The vaginal discharge may range from a slight watery,  white discharge to a thick, white , cloudy chunk (similar to cottage cheese in appearance). Usually the discharge is odorless fluid. If the discharge is grayish or greenish with fishy odor, it may be a different type of infection. Trichomoniasis and Bacterial vaginosis are the other vaginal infections that is often confused with yeast infection.

Irritation / burning during urination

One of the common symptoms of yeast infection is irritation and or burning sensation while urinating. This symptom is often confused with urinary tract infections since they manifest with similar signs.

Redness and irritation

Redness and irritation around the vulvar regions, around the lips of the vagina is an indication that a yeast infection is present. The surrounding area becomes swollen and tender due to inflammation of the skin and sometimes may lead to rash. However, these symptoms are not common.

Rash on the vagina

Rashes on the areas around the vagina may appear red with blisters or sores. Sometimes, it may have bumps while the skin may retain its normal color. Rashes usually accompany pain, discomfort and vaginal discharge.

Satellite Lesions

These are pus filled bumps, that are tender to touch. They spread to thighs and anus.
An individual affected with yeast infection may have just two or more of the above symptoms, that may range from mild to severe. Vaginal infections can occur once, or it can be recurrent.


Since it is easy to mix the symptoms of yeast infection with other vaginal infections, there are chances for wrong interpretation. It is always advisable to consult a health care physician for apt diagnosis. Health care physician would perform the following tests and diagnosis:

Pelvic exam

During a pelvic exam the Doctor looks for-

  • Swelling, inflammation of the skin in and around the vulva, vagina and on the cervix.
  • Abnormal Discharge from the Vagina.
  • Dry, white plaques on the vaginal walls.
  • Pain, dryness or abdominal pain.

KOH test

A Health care physician takes samples for this test by scraping the lesions off your skin. This is done with the aid of a blunt edges tool such as a microscopic slide. The scrapings are then placed in a liquid containing potassium hydroxide (KOH) and observed under the microscope. The KOH solution destroys the non- fungal cells which leaves only the fungal cells if present.   Microscopical observation helps to determine if the infection is of bacterial origin or  trichomoniasis and aids to choose the precise treatment.

Wet mount

A Health care physician also takes samples of vaginal discharge. In this test the sample is placed on a glass slide and mixed with a salt solution. The slide is observed under microscope for bacteria, trichomoniasis, yeast cells, white blood cells that indicates an infection or clue cells that indicate bacterial infections. Clue cells are the epithelial cells in the vagina that appear fuzzy when they are coated with bacteria, presence of clue cells indicate definite bacterial infection.

Culture test

Sometimes, a culture is taken when the infection becomes recurrent or if the patient does not improve with treatment and medications.

Blood test

A blood test is ordered by the Doctor to know if the yeast infection is due to the presence of undiagnosed diabetes or another medical condition.

These diagnostic procedures help to identify the symptoms specific for vaginal yeast infections and rule out other causes of the symptoms. The lab test using a microscope is a low cost and accurate diagnostic method for determining the yeast infections. A health care professional may order one or more of these tests to determine the underlying cause of the infection.



While affected by a yeast infection it is very important to consult a Doctor for a proper identification of the underlying problem and to rule out possibilities of other infections such as trichomoniasis or other bacterial infections.

Complications include chronic or recurrent infections that may occur if no proper treatment is undertaken or if an individual reinfects herself, or if there is an underlying health / medical condition. Pregnant women should seek immediate medical attention in case of  vaginal yeast infection as improper treatments may lead to premature delivery and low birth weight babies.

Untreated vaginal yeast infection or inadequate / faulty treatment of other types of infection may lead to pelvic inflammation. This condition results in scarring of the fallopian tubes and may lead to infertility and the condition is called pelvic inflammatory disease.

Other complication could be a start of a secondary infection, which may prolong the treatment time and also could cause intense itching and scratching resulting in crack on the delicate skin of the vulva and labia.



The aim of preventive measures is to make the conditions less favorable for the yeast cells to multiply and thrive. The following strategies help to reduce the risk of recurrent infections as well as prevent yeast infections. They are as follows:

Clothing : Wear breathable, cotton clothing, that are not too tight-fitting. Yeast thrives in warm and moist conditions. Tight clothing, that are made of nylon and other synthetic materials does not allow air circulation and trap moisture  that makes it favorable for yeast growth. Avoid clothing such as tight fitting jeans, pantyhose etc. Always keep the genital areas, arm pits, groin etc cool, clean and dry.

Stay Dry : Ensuring that that the skin between finger and toe nails, groin, genital areas are dry after a bath . One must make effort to carefully dry off after using a swimming pool or shower to reduce the risk of yeast infections.

Avoid Douching : Douching is known to cause changes in the delicate balance of the vaginal micro flora. Frequent douching leads to irritation to the skin around labia, cervix, and vagina.

Personal Hygiene: Maintain personal hygiene by changing from sweaty exercise clothes and wet swim suits as soon as possible. It is advised to change to a fresh underwear before going to bed. During menstruation, changing the sanitary pads or tampons will help the vaginal area stay dry and clean.

Perfumes / Dyes : Certain perfumes, personal hygiene sprays, bath soaps, gels, sanitary products and laundry detergents may contain chemicals that cause irritation and makes the conditions favorable for a yeast infection to begin. Always reach for fragrance-free products in order to eliminate the risk of infection.

Control Diabetes: Diabetic patients with yeast infection, should have their Diabetes under control by maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.

Correct wiping methods : After urination, always ensure to wipe from front to back, this helps to prevent yeast from entering into the vagina. Besides there is also a risk of E.coli and other bacteria entering the vagina while wiping from back to front.

Antibiotics: Do not consume antibiotics unless advised by a health care professional for a specific medical condition. It is also not advisable to consume left over antibiotic medications or someone else’s prescription in order to treat an infection.

Restrict Sugar intake : Yeast thrives on sugar, and hence elevated blood sugar levels are  conducive for developing a yeast infection. Cutting back on sugary drinks, foods and sweets not only helps to eliminate the yeast infection, but also maintains a healthy blood glucose levels and keeps the waist line in check.

Avoid irritants : Using scented or  perfumed bath products such as soaps, body washes etc; using scented or colored toilet tissues may also cause irritation and change in the micro flora of the vagina.

Hot tubs: Avoid hot tubs or hot baths, bubble baths etc to reduce the risk of infection.


Yeast infections are easy to treat and some of the symptoms disappear with simple home remedies and by the use of over the counter medications. The usual treatment include home based remedies, Over the counter and prescription medications ( drug therapies), herbal and Ayurvedic treatments including dietary modifications. The type of treatment is largely based on whether the infection is complicated or uncomplicated.

Before starting of with home remedies a patient must consult a Doctor for the following reasons:

  • If the patient has an infection for the first time.
  • If the patient has had frequent infections of other types or a urinary tract infection.
  • If home remedies don’t work and the symptoms persist even after using over-the-counter medications.
  • If the patient has any underlying health problems such as Diabetes, or any other condition.
  • If the patient has a compromised immune system due to consumption of certain types of medications for treatment of cancer or HIV.
  • If new symptoms develop during the course of infection, which may lead to complications.
  • If the problem is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, nausea, vomiting , bloody discharge etc, which may occur due to kidney infection or appendicitis

Home Remedies for treating Yeast infections

Home remedies for treating yeast infections can be used only if the symptoms are mild and  there are no underlying health conditions such as Diabetes or suppressed immune function.

The following are the common home remedies suggested for treating mild Yeast infections


Consumption of probiotics are the popular choice for treating yeast infections. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are beneficial to the human gut and promote the growth of friendly bacteria. They are beneficial in many ways – they aid in absorption of B vitamins in the body, boosts immunity and control the activity of other bacteria and microorganisms residing on the human skin. By naturally increasing the number of beneficial bacteria in the body, one can control the growth of candida albicans and reduce the symptoms of infections as well as eradicate the infection.

Studies have proven that the low levels of Lactobacilli in the vagina is associated with yeast infections. Lactobacilli were found to block the growth of Candida albicans in lab studies. Food sources of Lactobacilli include yogurt, kefir, Miso (soy bean paste), tempeh ( fermented whole soyabean), sauerkraut, sour cream, butter milk etc. There are many strains of lactobacilli such as L.acidophilus, L.bulgaricus, L. plantarum that are widely used in making yogurt and kefir. Probiotics are also available as oral supplements in the market.

Boric acid

Boric acid is another home remedy for treating mild yeast infections. The mild antiseptic and anti fungal properties makes it ideal for treating yeast infections. A lot of studies have shown the beneficial effects of Boric acid on treating yeast infections. Studies have shown that topical boric acid application to be more effective in treating yeast infections than anti fungal drugs with higher cure rate. Although Boric acid seems effective since it s toxic there are safety concerns to it. It should never be consumed orally, or applied to open cuts or wounds. It is not recommended for long term use and should not be applied more than the recommended amount. Boric acid should not be used by Pregnant, nursing mothers, young children and infants.

Tea Tree Oil

The essential oil of tea tree oils is often diluted and applied topically to the vaginal area  to treat yeast infections. The compound terpinen – 4 ol present in tea tree oil was found to be beneficial in treating infection. It is highly important that tea tree oil should never be used at its high strength, it always has to be diluted and applied. There are no clinical studies to prove the therapeutic effects of tea tree oil for treating yeast infections.


Drops of vinegar added to hot sitz bath helps to relief the itching and irritation sensation caused due to yeast infections. It also helps to restore the pH balance of the skin and thereby controls the growth of yeast cells in the vagina.

Cinnamon Oil & Cold coconut oil

Application of these oils on the infected areas about two times a day helps to relieve the symptoms. The beneficial effects are attributed to the anti-fungal properties of these oils.


Garlic has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties and hence is considered useful in treating non-vaginal yeast infections. For non-vaginal yeast infections, garlic can be topically applied as a paste on the affected areas. Either fresh garlic can be used, or garlic oil can be diluted and combined with Vitamin E oil, coconut oil and the blend can be applied to the affected areas. Garlic helps in controlling the infection, Vitamin E soothes the skin, coconut oil’s beneficial fatty acids prevents the spread of infection. Garlic should not be used for treating vaginal yeast infections.

The home remedies that have been mentioned above are not investigated or proven using well designed trials or studies. Hence they should not be considered as reliable clinical recommendations, however, beneficial effects have been reported by individuals who have tried them. One exception being the home remedy suggesting the use of lactobacillus has been studied by number of clinical trials and its efficacy has been proved. Lactobacillus consumption has been shown to improve the balance of the beneficial micro flora in the body and restore the count.

Over the Counter Medications

Before reaching for Over the counter medications to treat yeast infections one must ensure that he or she has confirmed that the symptoms experienced are due to a yeast infection and not from other types of infections. This is especially true in cases of vaginal infections where the symptoms overlap with that of yeast infection symptoms. Vaginal creams, Topical medications,vinegar douches,  Oral medications, Vaginal suppositories are the over-the-counter medications that are available to treat vaginal yeast infections. Pregnant, Nursing mothers, People with underlying disease conditions and complications should not consume over the counter products without consulting their Health care physicians.

Infections that don’t respond to over the counter medications should be given immediate medical

attention to prevent further complications. Use of anti-fungal medications in the absence of a yeast infection raises the risk of getting stubborn infections in the future.

Prescription Medications / Drug Therapies

A consulting physician would start with topical applications of creams and lotions to treat infections, before starting with oral therapies. The drug therapies include topical applications or oral therapies or both depending on the type, duration and severity of infections.

Topical treatments

Polyenes (nystatin) that are antimycotics which target the bacteria and fungi to destroy them. Polyenes basically stop further growth of yeast cells, which provides the immune system to better combat the infection. These compounds work well when they come in direct contact with the bacteria. The treatment is said to have 70 – 80 % effective in treating infections.

Azole derivatives such as imidazole ( miconazole, butoconazole) and triazole ( fluconazole, terconazole) containing vaginal creams applied externally for 1 – 5 days also shows 90 % efficacy in treating yeast infections.

Oral therapies

Fluconazole containing drug formulations consumed at a dosage of 150 milligrams per day were found to be about 70 – 90 % effective.

Ketoconazole containing formulations at a dosage of 400 milligrams per day for 5 – 14 days were also found to be 83 % effective. It was more effective for treating infection among HIV patients.

Nystatin formulations consumed orally were also beneficial in reducing intestinal problems as well as infections.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Yeast infections

Traditional Western medicine treats the infection with the use of allopathic drugs, Ayurveda seeks to give a holistic approach via diet and lifestyle modifications.

According to Ayurvedic system of medicine, the population of yeast cells would rise due to faulty dietary habits, poor personal hygiene and faulty lifestyle habits. Ayurveda details that the faulty dietary habits such as high sugary food, high caffeine or alcohol  intake, over eating and  lifestyle conditions / habits such as anxiety, stress, anger, fear, grief etc can also lead to over growth of yeast cells in the body. Ayurveda suggests the following guidelines for treating yeast infections.

Foods to Consume

Intake of Acidophilus capsules for two week. This should be combined with digestive spices such as cumin, fennel seeds, fenugreek to be consumed before meals for two weeks. Ayurveda recommends increasing the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli etc.

Foods to Avoid

In terms of diet perspective, Ayurveda suggests that all fermented foods, dairy foods, sugary / sweet foods , raw foods and yeast containing breads etc should be avoided. Ayurveda also recommends to avoid heavy and cold foods that may delay digestion . Other foods that needs to be avoided include cheeses, mushrooms etc.

Ayurvedic Douches

Douch that is prepared using the purifying herbs musta ( Nut grass) and or manjishta ( scientific name -Rubia cordifolia) could be used initially. This should be followed by another douch preparation containing sesame and sunflower oil along with tonifying herbs such as Ashwagandha.  The purifying and tonifying douch needs to be applied to the affected area for 3 – 5 days each. Another douching remedy to reduce the itching and burning sensation is to use licroice tea or triphala tea.

A douch of Goldenseal, turmeric and licorice, or a plain yogurt and acidophilus combination would also be beneficial in treating vaginal yeast infections.

Combine equal parts of Oregano leaf , goldenseal root and coneflower ( Echinacea purpurea), steep a tablespoon of this herbal mixture in a pint water. Cool and douch daily for 10 – 14 days.

Other Ayurvedic / herbal remedies

A glass of hot water with lemon helps to discourage the multiplication of yeast cells.

Consumption of butter milk, mixed with cilantro leaves, fresh ginger root and cumin seeds helps in increasing the beneficial microflora as well as cleansing the system.

A combination of Licorice ( ½ tsp), turmeric ( ¼ tsp) and shardunika ( ¼ tsp) can be mixed in warm water and the mixture can be consumed twice a day until the symptoms disappear.

Echinacea, barberry, cardomom, cumin, goldenseal and ginger. It is suggested to be taken at a dosage of 2 grams three times a day with warm water and honey , one hour before eating. This should be consumed for at least 6 days and no longer than 10 days.

Consumption of Triphala as a supplement or as tea. According to Ayurveda Triphala improves digestion, boosts the immunity and also cleanses the digestive tract. Other combinations include ground turmeric with licorice root that is believed to relieve symptoms.



Following certain dietary modifications helps to reduce the over growth of Candida and increase the beneficial bacteria in the gut as well as the vaginal regions.  However, one should consult with the physician if the symptoms persists. The following are the general recommendations :

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of many nutrients that prevent infections and boost the function of the immune system. For instance, Vitamin C present in most fruits helps in fighting infection and boosts the immune activity due to its antioxidant properties. Other vitamins such as Vitamin E, Carotenoids ( containing Vitamin A ) which show antioxidant as well as anti-infective  properties. Vegetables such as kale, tomatoes, bell peppers and all cruciferous vegetables are good sources of Vitamins A, C and E and other beneficial phytonutrients.

Yogurt and other probiotics

Consumption of lactobacillus bacteria ( friendly bacteria) in the form of yogurts and kefir is found to beneficial in treating yeast infections. It is recommended to consume enough of these probiotics which contain the live cultures of Lactobacillus bacteria, that helps in restoring the balance in the body. These beneficial bacteria create an acidic environment which makes it impossible for Candida to thrive and multiply. Consumption of probiotics has been encouraged by both Allopathic and Alternative medicine practitioners in order to reduce the risk of yeast infections.

Food Allergens

Steer clear of food allergens such as gluten rich foods, food additives, dairy products, preservative containing foods etc. Food allergens aggravate the symptoms of yeast infections and  also leads to poor response to the medications and other remedies used for treating infections.

Boost the fiber intake

Consume foods that are rich in fiber such as vegetables, oats, whole grains, beans, and psyllium seeds. Fiber adds bulk to the contents of the intestine , allow regular and healthy bowel movements and reduce the intestinal transit time and thereby the risk of overgrowth of  harmful bacteria.

Restrict Refined foods

Refined foods such as white flour, white bread, other refined flour, pastas and simple carbohydrates have to be limited or restricted. Yeast thrives on sugar, and refined foods are good source of sugar for the yeast to feed on and multiply in the body.
Avoid Junk food

Trans fats lurk in our food in the form of tasty french fries, commercially baked cookies, cakes, pies, in donuts, margarines etc. They not only increase the risk of infections but are also harmful for general health. Cutting back on saturated and trans fats and replacing them with healthy unsaturated fats such as olive, flax seeds, sunflower oils, nuts , fish etc helps to reduce the risk and also reduced the inflammatory conditions associated with yeast infections.

Other Beneficial Nutrients

Certain nutrients such as Vitamin K, C,  antioxidants such as bioflavonoids, quercetin, selenium, carotenoids, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, Coenzyme A, L-cysteine are all believed to beneficial in treating candidiasis according to Nutrition Researchers.

Increase Physical activity

Increasing physical activity in the form of exercise such as walking, biking, jogging etc, boosts the number of circulating antibodies in the blood and improve body’s resistance to infection.

Reduce body weight

Being overweight or obese increases the risk of yeast infections. So reducing the body weight if a person is over weight, helps to a great extend to decrease the chance of procuring yeast infections in the future.


Multivitamins – Consuming a multivitamin supplement containing the B complex vitamins and antioxidant vitamins, trace minerals such as magnesium,selenium, zinc, calcium etc helps to boost the activity of immune system.

Omega 3 fats – Consumption of omega – 3 fats containing supplements such as fish oils (salmon, halibut) etc decrease the inflammatory conditions associated with yeast infections.

Probiotic supplements – Consuming Lactobacillus acidophilus containing probiotic supplements that have a strength of 5- 10 billion CFUs ( Colony forming units ) per  day helps in maintaining gastrointestinal as well as immune health.

Grapefruit seed extracts – Grapefruit seed extract containing supplements have potent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiviral activity and support immunity.

Garlic extracts – Garlic is a potent anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory supplement whose health benefits extends beyond treating yeast infections.

Zinc supplements – Zinc is said to have a beneficial role in boosting the immune activity. Consumption of zinc containing supplements 1- 2 times daily during vaginitis outbreak helps to relief the symptoms as well as reduce the future risk.

Herbal supplements – Herbal supplements containing cinnamon, oregano, green tea, milk thistle, cat’s claw and cloves are all beneficial to use during a yeast infection. These specific herbs have anti-fungal properties that can help reduce the Candida overgrowth.

General Precaution

Nutrients are vital for normal functioning of the immune system as well as over all health. They  have a direct and indirect role in treating yeast infections. It is important to remember to discuss with a Health care professional regarding the dietary supplements and herbs to understand the effects of consuming the same.

There is no specific nutrient that can help in treating the infectious conditions.  Nutrients work in synergy to boost the immune activity that helps to combat the infectious condition as well as promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body. It is strongly recommended not to start of self treatments with nutrients or supplements without discussing with a Health care provider. A physician will be able to provide information regarding the dosage, frequency and drug interactions associated with intake of certain nutrients.

If an individual is prone to more than four yeast infection in an year, immediate medical attention should be given to the condition. Recurring infections may lead to serious conditions and other complications. It is also mandatory to consult a doctor if consuming any prescription medications before using an herbal supplement.


The success of the treatment is based on three key points – reducing the number of yeast cells, increasing the beneficial micro flora, and control of factors that are favorable for yeast growth. There are a wide array of options available to treat candidiasis such as creams, vaginal suppositories, pills, lotions etc depending on the type and place of infection. In most cases, yeast infections are not life threatening and they go away without further complications, however failure to obtain proper treatment or faulty self treatments may result in chronic and stubborn infections. Additionally, individuals with poor immune defense tend to have recurrent infections that are stubborn and may respond poorly to treatment options. When encountered with yeast infection, the wise choice is to discuss it with a Health Care provider, to identify the best treatment option.



It would take a lifetime to experience everything Alaska has to offer

It would certainly take a lifetime to experience every little thing Alaska needs to provide

Alaska is a striking masterpiece of nature at its finest: sensational forests, attractive hills, rivers and waterfalls, and an abundance of wildlife. The season to browse through is from May through September. The top of the weather, when climate is considered ideal (and costs somewhat higher), is from late-June thru August. May and also September could be cooler as well as wetter, but that’s not necessarily the situation.

The beauty of Alaska could not be taken into words. It contains outdoor adventures.
With over 1400 miles from north to southern to over 2300 miles from west to east, Alaska hiking has a few of the absolute most amazing landscapes to be found in the United States.
Alaska has outstanding path systems for all abilities � from easily accessible nature courses to hill treks that are physically difficult.
The Anchorage area supplies over 100 miles of led, multi-use trails as well as over 150 miles of wild paths, excellent for hill biking, treking and also winter sports. South-central Alaska has one of the most developed hiking tracks in Alaska, with Chugach National park and also Chugach State Park one of the most preferred treking locations.

From the Southeast, to the world popular Kenai River, and into the nation � s indoor –
Alaska provides a few of the most effective angling on the planet. Delight in battling to land beast halibut or a mighty king salmon, or attempt your hand at fly-fishing for rainbow trout on a private stream.
You could fish in Alaska from a sea charter watercraft, take to a river by jet or drift watercraft, or fly in by bush aircraft to a remote lake or stream.

Alaska supplies a large selection sea kayaking chances with incredible areas such as Kenai Fjords National Park,
Royal prince William Sound, Glacier Bay National forest as well as Kachemak Bay State Park near Homer.
Here you will certainly find a suitable kayak experience with calving glaciers, sturdy mountains, tranquil protected coves and waters teaming with wildlife such as whales, sea otters, puffins and sea lions.

Denali National Park covers more than 6 million acres, and also is house to
20,300 foot Mt. McKinley, bountiful wildlife and also several of Alaska’s ideal rafting.
Nearly all plethora trips take a trip the Nenana River, which streams to the north via the Alaska Range as well as boundaries the eastern side of Denali National forest.
The Nenana River supplies great rafting journeys, from calm float sections to course III and also IV white-water rafting.

Bear Browsing
Alaska is house to over 98 percent of North American brown bear populace.
It is no surprise that bear viewing is a popular site visitor destination.
Bears are found in virtually every edge. Watching a bear in bushes of
Alaska is a truly remarkable experience, and also often among the highlights of the journey.
Denali National forest is one of the absolute most prominent locations to check out bears in their organic environment.
Every year 10s of countless visitors board buses to take a trip all or component of the 90 mile road that takes a trip deep right into Denali Park.

Alaskan Cruise Reviews: A Trio Of Breath Taking Cruises

Alaskan Cruise Evaluations: A Trio Of Breath Taking Cruises

If you review a couple of Alaskan trip reviews, you will begin to get a concept of the type of grandeur the Alaskan region has to offer. It is uncommon for an individual ahead back from an Alaskan cruise ship without a sense of the grandness of the area. The ships are various, however, and the travel plans cover various locations and views.

Cruise ship West: Spirit of Alaska, Glacier Bay Emphasizes Cruise

Cruise ship West has a tiny ship called the Spirit of Alaska. It normally carries much less compared to 75 travelers. Yet the food and the service from the staff participants are extraordinary. The lodgings on the cruise were more than satisfactory. The time invested in deck was mainly invested appreciating the beautiful views.

The journey began and finished in Juneau, where site visitors might see the views of the city. You could additionally take a little trip over the Mendenhall Glacier from there. With that, you would obtain a preview of the landscapes yet to come.

As soon as the cruise ship began, there were numerous sights to see. The Idaho Inlet, Glacier Bay as well as various other substantial areas got on the schedule. You might see spectacular hill views as well as bountiful wildlife. A few of the wild animals consisted of humpback whales, puffins, brown and also black bears, otters, eagles, as well as dolphins. This cruise ship was well worth taking.

Empress of the North

You will certainly discover bountiful Alaskan cruise assesses done on the Empress of the North cruise ship. Although the ship is built to convey an environment of high-end, it depends on the activity of seeking journey also.

There is amazing art work on the ship. The food is equally like any gourmet food a high-end ship can provide. There are talks by people who know the Arctic area, and also enjoyment for you to take pleasure in. The accommodations are roomy, with queen beds and balconies in lots of rooms. The shore excursions are likewise well-planned and also well-executed.

Safari Mission: Alaska’s In Passage Cruise

There is nothing about the Inside Safari Mission ship that can compare with the incredible views of the Within Passage. A ranger is designated to the ship as a guide to explain the wildlife and also surroundings. You will certainly not go away from the Safari Quest cruise ship without knowing something new concerning nature in Alaska.

The trip begins in Glacier Bay National Park, and goes on to Boulder Island afterwards. Following come North Sandy Cove and Gloomy Handle. Outdoors Tidal Inlet, you could see glaciers before going on to stop at Lamplugh. Reid Inlet is one of one of the most fascinating locations to stroll. Bartlett Cove and also Jacks Cove become part of the journey with wildlife as well as surroundings to be seen all the way.

Finding these three Alaskan cruise ship testimonials is simple. Choosing a cruise to take might be a lot more difficult. After you take one Alaskan trip you might simply choose that you want to take them all. Most of the Alaskan cruise ships you will find will certainly be delightful. You just need to locate the most effective ship to take.

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Experience Nature in the Everglades National Park, Florida

Experience Nature in the Everglades National Park, Fla

As the 3rd biggest national forest in America, the 1.6 million square miles of the Everglades National Park is including natural beauty. Its swamplands are as acquainted a view as the alligators and also airboats made use of to advertise the area. The ecosystem of the park is exactly what draws a number of the site visitors here. Although there’s a lot of waterways, swimming isn’t an option as a result of the hostile wild animals who live there, yet canoeing is one way of appreciating the water from the family member security of a vessel.

There are assisted tours around the park by team that will speak about the wildlife of the park, and the numerous sites to see within it. These excursions can be on foot, or by a routine tram, or even by boat – undoubtedly among the very best means to see the Everglades which are kept in mind for their turfs which mature via the superficial waters in much of the park.

As with the majority of nature reserve/national parks individual safety and security should be your concern in the Everglades. This isn’t a superficial amusement park. The wildlife here is real, the teeth are genuine, and also they do bite! If you take kids, especially younger youngsters, make certain that they know the dangers and that they should hear what people tell them. This is a lot more important if you take them out on a boat tour where they must sit still and also not track their hands in the water.

The Everglades is one of one of the most astonishing national parks in the US, one which is incomparable as for it’s particular brand of all-natural wild animals and also views is concerned, however it’s also an area where safety and security is crucial – so check out the warnings meticulously, maintain to the regulations of the park as told to you by the park staff, and also you’ll have a memorable time for all the right factors – oh as well as do not forget the mosquito spray!